It is my pleasure to announce that I've been granted the honor of booking all inclusive elopements and small weddings for Burruss Mill Falls right here in Cumming, GA. 

This means you'll have me, your wedding photographer doubling as your wedding planner.

Why is it so amazing to have me on your team when planning your big day?

I'll get you great vendors at a fair price with a focus on making sure everything is super easy for you and most importantly, beautiful for your big day. I've photographed several dozen weddings, engagement sessions, and photo sessions at the venue over the past few years, and know all the neat spots and different kinds of set ups people have used that work well at the venue. 

Burruss Mill is tailored to small weddings ranging from 0-30 guests. While it's large enough to accommodate up to 80 guests occasionally, that amount of traffic seriously tears up the beautiful grass Gray, the owner, works so hard to keep up. 

Over the last few years, I've photographed well over a hundred weddings ranging from 0 to 200 guests at dozens of different venues. As a photographer, the thing that I pay attention to most about a venue is it's appearance. It's obviously easier to get amazing pictures in a place that's already extremely picturesque. Most of my favorite venues that I've taken pictures at are WAY off the beaten path, are suited for 100+ guests, and cost anywhere from 5-10k just for the venue. That is except Burruss Mill Falls. It's the only small venue that rivals the big expensive venues on beauty, it's only 2 miles from 400, and can be booked for a fraction of the cost.