In the 11 years since I bought my first camera, I've taken well over a million photos. I've photographed just about everything you could imagine with massive amounts of experience working with people. My heaviest experience comes from photographing over 300 weddings and events and 200 or so models in 800 or so sets. Both styles have me taking pictures in all sorts of lighting and weather scenarios at all times of the day and night. Weddings have the added styles of product photography, landscape photography, and architecture photography, but for the purpose of documentation. Which leaves no room for repeats. 

Commercial photography is all about capturing images that convey a message and/or sell a product. It involves working with clients to develop concepts and bring the vision to life. When working with me, clients can expect a collaborative approach where their needs and goals are the top priority. I enjoy the collaborative process, and thus I enjoy working most with hands on clients to bring their mind's eye to reality. Though, left to my own devices I create some top notch work.

The creative process doesn't end when I wrap a shoot. I actually spend a lot more time on the computer than I do holding a camera. I'd say depending on the style, I spend between 1 and 3 hours on the computer for every hour I spend manning a camera. This time is spent between lightroom and photoshop editing pixel by pixel when necessary for perfection. I come from the time before AI, so I actually know how to modify parameters when AI can't quite get it right. That said, I have integrated some AI in to my work flow which has helped tremendously in delivery times and number of deliverable images. 

If this sounds like a situation you'd love to work with, I'd love to chat if you have a project coming up.