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cibdol 4%(non-registered)
Really good photography ;)
John Hands(non-registered)
Great portfolio!
Carrie D(non-registered)
Looks like you guys were having a great time. Beautiful pictures. You two definitely make are a great couple. Thanks for sharing.
thank you for the fun pictures and the cool pictures. You are down to earth.
You are great .
Jim Towns(non-registered)
Hi David, enjoyed looking around a bit on your website. You have some nice photos and good ideas for pictures. In case you don't remember me, I'm the grandfather of Chelsea Gerrish and I met you yesterday at Donna's house for Chelsea's candlelight gathering. I'm also the guy that was the Medical Photographer at a hospital in New Jersey. Again, nice work and maybe I'll see you again soon.
Natalie Connell(non-registered)
This entry's for my best friend. She's getting married June 14th, 2014. In Alpharetta. They just dealt with something that was devastating to a couple. She would love to win. Maybe it'd make her smile.
Erika Wrigley(non-registered)
What a wonderful contest! My husband and I are planning a real wedding, as we got married in a courthouse over a year ago. We're planning for November 21, 2014. We love your work, David!!!!
Courtney Cobb(non-registered)
Your work is beautiful!!! Absolutely stunning!
September 20, 2014
North Ga. Photography, Inc
If you've put an entry in, and it's not showing... It's because I made it private. It still shows to me, and your name is still in the drawing. :)
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