Updated: 1/30/2018


I photograph most of the shows I go to. I don't get paid up front to do this, nor do I get reimbursed for editing cost or time. ($.52/image cost or roughly 3 hours per show) I do this because I love music, and understand that most musicians aren't typically the richest folks in the world. To help where I can, I give out watermarked images free of charge. You may post any photo from a show I photograph on social media for promotional purposes. This release does not include printing. This release is revoked if images are cropped or altered to remove watermarks. Watermarks are included for everyone involved in these shows since this is promotional work. If you would like to receive a copy of watermark free images, you may purchase a limited release for $100 / band or entity. For commercial print release, please contact me for specifics.