Today was different...

December 14, 2016  •  1 Comment

Today was different... If you've read any of my writing, you've probably read that what I focus on to set me apart from other photographers is transference of emotion. I'm very sensitive and aware of the effects that images have on my emotions, and use that sensitivity in my photography and selection process. It's not uncommon to hear my cackling like an mad man alone at my computer while I'm sorting images. Being a wedding photographer, I get to join in and be a part of the best day in numerous people's lives. The high is amazing, making work not feel so much like work. Today was different. Today,  I photographed my first funeral. I photographed the funeral of a 19 year old young man named Jesus. Jesus was hit head on by a drunk driver killing Jesus, seriously injuring his mother Elizabeth, his brother Matthew, and his sister Stephanie. I was asked to come photograph and video this funeral which at first struck me as not only weird, but definitely not something I wanted to do. When I realized that I was being asked because Jesus's mother Elizabeth is still in ICU in an induced coma having gone through three surgeries with two more anticipated in the near future, I changed my mind. Man, this is rough. I got through the day calloused as could be with only a few dozen tears. Tonight, sorting my images however, I lost it. This kind of work takes a serious toll on me. There's no highs to ride, smiles to see, or laughs to hear. Only sadness, confusion, and mourning. I never met Jesus, but the weight of the entire situation is definitely felt. It's crazy how one careless mistake can effect so many lives in such a severe way. Uber's cheap ya'll. Don't risk it. 

Anyways, if you guys would like to help the Perez family, they have a gofundme set up as Elizabeth will be in a coma for awhile and unable to work for awhile after that. 

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I'm gonna finish up editing these, so I can go back to fun happy stuff. 

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Betsy Tobin-Alvarez(non-registered)
Thanks, David, for the photographs. You will never know what they mean to me. They are my step-daughter and step-grandchildren. I was unable to travel to Georgia, due to health issues and made me very sad. My thoughts and prayers were there. My husband arrived back in Texas last evening. Again,thanks from the bottom of my heart. God Bless in your endeavors.

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