Photographer's Perspective on Marriage and Divorce

May 09, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

The idea that true love exists is enough to keep me going.  As a wedding photographer I allow myself to believe that what my clients have for one another is real and that fills me with passion, joy, and creativity. I allow myself to feel with them so that I can capture the moment with more than just a snapped picture.

The reason my wedding work is on the level it is, is because there is an emotion attached to every picture that is transferred to the audience. For this reason, it really breaks my heart when my clients get divorced. It's probably not even an afterthought for most, but it severely affects me emotionally. I've got a great deal of time and energy dedicated to the images documenting that day, those feelings, and those moments, and when those people no longer even want to see those images, it really sucks. I know it's nothing in comparison to what the couple, their kids, or their families go through, but for the sake of at least making sure you've been exposed to my ideas on marriage here's a very short, but hopefully powerful description of my views on marriage.

Marriage is not a solution to a problem.
It's not necessary because of a kid, it's not that extra thing that will make your partner stop doing something, or start doing something else.
It's not holding grudges for past mistakes, or intentionally causing anything but good things to happen in the other person's life.
It's not being a victim nor overly dominant for the sake of control. 
It's for people that can be 100% themselves around each other and accepting of anything the other person does as something they did to be happy.
It's for two people who are ready to commit to a life-long partnership for the betterment of both of their lives. 
It's saying that no matter what they do, you have always their back because you know they'll always have yours. 
It's trust.
It's love.
It's forever.


I just had to get that out. I heard this week that another one of the brides I've worked with is now single and it's popped up in my mind more than a couple times. 


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