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Hi, I'm David. I'm a portrait photographer, primarily glamour portrait photography, but I’ll take pictures of anything.

TLDR version at the bottom. Otherwise, I’m going to talk about myself, and my ideals on photography for a bit here in my first entry.

What is glamour portrait photography?

People ask me all the time, "What is 'glamour?'" Well according to, glamour is: The attractive or exciting quality that makes certain people or things seem appealing or special: "the glamour of Monte Carlo". or Beauty or charm that is sexually attractive. My definition of glamour portrait photography is that it is for everybody. It's for people with realistic stats and measurements: our friends and family, that girl at the gas station, or that UPS guy. There's something beautiful in everybody, no matter age, shape, or color.


Unreasonable Standards

I've come to believe that almost all girls hold themselves to the standard of Victoria's Secret Lingerie models. They seem to believe that THAT look is the definition beauty. Well, that’s fine, because they are all beautiful, but if you’re going to compare yourself to them, at least put yourself on a level playing field. You can’t take a picture with your camera phone, and expect it to come out looking anywhere near as well as what they release in the magazines. There’s so much professional make-up, practice in front of and behind the camera, and editing, going into each photograph that gives darn good reason that you consider them your standard of beauty.

Be Different

Part of my job as a photographer is to be able to shoot you, the client, in the setting that you want. If a white background and a fan, an old wood barn, or a body of water isn’t your thing, tell me what is. I’m open to ideas, and willing to collaborate to help make your idea become a reality.

Shooting is Fun

Almost every single girl/model I’ve shot has left with a huge smile on their face. Come ready to have fun, joke around, and play. Talk about your day, tell a story, or jam out to your favorite music, and laugh as I try to twerk it with a camera in hand. The idea of taking pictures of a person while they are mad or upset kind of turns me off to taking pictures. I’d much rather immortalize one having fun.


Which brings me to escorts. I love them. However, if your escort is your spouse, and they happen to not appreciate their mate being told they are pretty by anybody but them, you may want to pick another escort. I’ll say from experience, that I’ve shot 400 shots trying to get something usable with a very pretty girl. The second her boyfriend left the room, we got 20 good pictures out of 100 shots. I’ve gone back to that album 100 times trying to find something usable in the first 2 outfits. Where this ties in is that if you’re going to come shoot with me, try be happy, and uninhibited. What’s the point if you’re upset, or made to feel uncomfortable? You WILL see it in the pictures.

If you need to know that you’ll be safe, check Facebook. Ask a few models. I tag anybody I can that I have a picture of. My reputation is my livelihood, and I plan on taking pictures for a long time right where I am.

Picture publicity

I can make pictures as public or private as requested. I keep encrypted detached, and safe stored drives to store confidential photographs, but also offer the ability to sell all rights to images.

TLDR: I’m David. I take pictures of people and try my best to make them look pretty. I edit photographs to put people on somewhat of a level playing field with mainstream media. (VS models etc.) I’m for hire. 



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